An affordable cloud-based tool that provides automatic data collection and analysis across all of a printer’s equipment.

Automatic Asset & Shop Floor
Data Collection

Know when and why your press is not printing, not generating revenue. Identify downtime activities that steal production time. Gain insight into what’s happening on the shop floor – with real metrics. learn more…

Powerful Analytics

Collect and analyze real shop floor data, replace guesswork and anecdotal production data, with intuitive dashboards and comprehensive graphical display of analyses. learn more…

System Features

CONNECT’s fast deployment gets the system up and running within days. Automatic press data collection combined with breakthrough operator usability makes data collection a breeze. Accessible from any browser, the Management Portal provides reports on demand and/or periodically with full graphics and real- time analysis. learn more…


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Return on Investment
Possible with 1% Improvement
Productivity Increase with SpencerMetrics
Years of Service