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SpencerMetrics LLC is part of the Spencer Associates Group, which has provided a boutique digital imaging and printing consultancy since 1989. Spencer & Associates bridges the boundary between technology and product marketing. For instance, we work with organizations for which printing is mission-critical: optimizing print quality, color management, and workflow. SpencerMetrics creates products that enhance operational insight in order to increase productivity and reduce costs. 

SpencerMetrics is dedicated to serving their customer’s needs in modern production printing through innovative software solutions and services. We do so by providing intelligent solutions that include accurate machine data collection, monitoring, and analysis from digital and analog printing, packaging, and finishing equipment. With the patented CONNECT and “lights-out” LYNK systems that are vendor-neutral, SpencerMetrics collects machines data, as well as shop floor information, provides analysis in real-time, and presents detailed reports via a cloud-based dashboard. This allows users to make data-driven decisions to increase efficiency and optimize their capital utilization. SpencerMetrics solutions are designed for ease-of-use, and provide the data transparency needed for shop managers and owners to better maximize their return on investment by balancing machines, labor, and overhead.

Additionally, our SpencerLab division provides competitive analysis, digital color technology, consumable yield expertise, and focus management. The company’s printer test software is a de facto standard.

SpencerMetrics is a private, independent company, providing unbiased data for your business.

Our Mission

Spencer Associates Group has built an innovative business and dedicated team from the ground up for over 30 years. We focus our attention on serving the customer and providing products that best suites their needs for data-driven productivity. With state-of-the-art technology, equipment, and support, we help your business create a revolutionary, worry-free supply chain, encouraging continuous improvement for your workflow.

SpencerMetrics develops and applies factory automation technology in industries undergoing digitization in order to improve operational efficiency and reduce cost.

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