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Maximizing Inkjet Press ROI Video

Merlin Printing Reduces Waste and Increases Productivity

The Value of Real-Time Monitoring

Productivity up over 30% with CONNECT

case study

“With SpencerMetrics we can visualize what we are doing in our production department. It is helpful to prioritize the work; it shows problems visually that can then collectively explore to close the gaps…” – Mike O’Hara, Manager at DBMA Central Services


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CONNECT: Automatic Shop Floor Data Collection

AUTOMATER Connects Operational Analytics With Legacy Offset

CONNECT Allows ASU To Do More With Their Time And Investments

“By capturing every second of the day, we can see what activity is taking too long and what activities is taking too long; and which operators need additional training to be more efficient.” – Daniel Isaghoulian, Production Manager at ASU Digital Lab

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Calculate how much additional revenue you can generate for every improvement made by implementing SpencerMetrics CONNECT automatic data collection solution.

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