Multi-Vendor Diversity

Most production floors have more than one make, model, and technology to cater to their production demands. CONNECTLYNK, and AUTOMATER work in conjunction to support automatic tracking, monitoring, and analyzing data for your entire production platform.

With its multi-vendor equipment support, CONNECT and LYNK are one of the most diverse solutions available in the industry. Unlike some alternative solutions in the market, CONNECT and LYNK both tie into multi-vendor digital production equipment using intelligent software communication. It collects, normalizes, and presents unbiased information about machine efficiency. The AUTOMATER module connects any analog/conventional equipment, providing one system to manage the entire production platform.

Standardized, vendor-neutral data is converted into actionable information that can improve operational productivity. Know exactly when and why your equipment is not running – identify the root causes for lost profit – implement accurate and effective changes to realize a higher return on investment.

Teamwork and integration concept

How it works

Hybrid-cloud architecture for security and reliability

Machine activity-driven touchscreen interface for shop floor data collection

Real-time dashboard to provide immediate feedback and visibility

Web-based analytics portal with robust feature set – trends, comparisons, KPIs, job costing, and more

Training, support, updates, upgrades, all inclusive!

Our Solutions Support:

Digital Printing and Planning

Finishing, Bindery and Mailing

Conventional Offset and Flexographic

3D / Additive Printing

Labels and Packaging


Textile Printing

And Much More!

3D printing machine
drink labels printing line

Vendors, Technologies and Software Support

CONNECT and LYNK work with a majority of makes and models of digital machines using intelligent software communication.

AUTOMATER allows any non-digital/analog machine to be connected and integrated seamlessly into the system.

Contact us to determine how your specific devices are supported.

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