SpencerMetrics LLC

SpencerMetrics LLC

The SpencerMetrics system, developed by SpencerLab Digital Color Laboratory, is a patent-pending measurement and analysis tool that provides press owners and managers with real-time data, measuring the productivity of their digital presses as they are used on the shop floor. Through simple data collection and instantaneous cloud-based analysis, SpencerMetrics offers an immediate view into the efficiency of digital press operation as it is actually in use.

Measure, Analyze, Improve- Productivity is crucial to revenue, profit, and ROI. Measurement and analysis of pressroom activities can lead to identifying obstacles that limit productivity, and provide valuable information for critical decision-making.

The SpencerLab Digital Color Laboratory is a division of Spencer & Associates Publishing, Ltd., a premier research and marketing support consultancy focused on digital color imaging—providing services to firms for whom printing is mission-critical: strategic support to improve print quality, performance, cost-of-ownership, and ease-of-use. SpencerLab provides leadership in quantitative and qualitative product comparisons—independent product test and evaluation services and test software/hardware for the digital color peripherals industry.

History Timeline

  • 1989 – Spencer & Associates Founded
  • 1990 – Industry Standard SpencerLab Printer Test Suite developed
  • 1993 – Consulted for Indigo
  • 1997 – SpencerLab Digital Color Laboratory Established
    • Independent testing for all print system manufacturers
  • 2000 – Focus Group Test Management Performed
  • 2004 – ISO/IEC 19752 Yield Standard
  • 2007 – ISO/IEC 19798/24712 Color Yield Standard
  • 2011 – Xerox iGen Availability Study
  • 2013 – SpencerMetrics Released
    • Received a MUST SEE ‘EMS Award
  • 2016 – CONNECT Announced
  • 2018 – AUTOMATER Announced