SpencerMetrics Customer Feedback

“SpencerMetrics is the simplest system I can think of to record downtime… As a result we’re now able to quantify downtime events that we didn’t even know we had which has the potential to realize significant financial savings.”

-Manager, Large Commercial Print Shop


“The analytics provide data that our operations staff always wished for, but never had time or resources to manually compile…”

-Chris Halkovik, Digital Workflow and Web to Print Manager, Arizona State University


“The management portal neatly summarizes the data while easily letting me access the details. The ability to compare shift to shift, day to day, and month to month allows me to keep production on task through training or changes to procedures. Productivity is up; thank you SpencerMetrics.”

-John Yeager, Digital Production Supervisor, Colorfx


“SpencerMetrics is “easy to use because it’s right there at the press and because the interface is straightforward and clear”

-Bryan Llewellyn, Lead Digital Specialist, Printing Industries of America (PIA)


“great analytics … by far the superior product”

-Beta Site, discussing SpencerMetrics in comparison with hardware-limited data systems

“…SpencerMetrics… really cut to the chase and displayed detailed data in real time in a clear and concise report.”

-Ken Chaletzky, President & CEO, Copy General


“…advantage of [SpencerMetrics] system: the ability to track issues that would not be evident by only looking at data stored in the press”