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Automatic Shop Floor Analytics

Advanced, targeted, on-demand analytics and connection to any digital or conventional machine. It is equipped to collect accurate shop floor data while enhancing the operator productivity.

Lakeside Book Company Partners With SpencerMetrics To Transform Its Manufacturing Platform With The CONNECT Industry 4.0 Implementation
A smart, simple solution

Collects and analyzes essential production metrics that are necessary to make positive, impactful, and sustainable cost-saving improvements, without the need for operator intervention.

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SpencerMetrics CONNECT JOB COSTING MODULE Enables Accurate Pricing of Print Jobs
Features & Benefits
Features & Benefits
Data-Driven Productivity Solutions
Detailed, Accurate Analytics

A robust feature set to determine root causes analysis. Track KPIs, such as OEE, Utilization, Consumable Usage, and more.

Real-Time Remote Monitoring

Provides immediate visibility into equipment status and performance feedback to operators and managers.

Multi-Vendor Diversity

CONNECT, LYNK, and AUTOMATER work in conjunction to support automation for your entire production platform.


Merlin Printing reduces waste and improves productivity with SpencerMetrics CONNECT and AUTOMATER. A system that truly works and provides the results they hoped for.

Merlin needed to implement a system to transform the tedious, and often inaccurate manual process into something efficient and reliable that could be used to make important business decisions –decisions that directly impact their bottom line.

“The system provides us with a simple way to collect and analyze data, as well as to continuously improve print shop operations”, says Charles Lewis, Merlin’s VP of Production Operations.

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Automatic Production Analytics


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