Increase Productivity – Reduce Cost

The Problem

MIS systems track print jobs while the press is “up”; but how do you track all the downtime?

You need to know why the press is not printing, why it’s down, why it’s not producing revenue

Which press downtime activities are taking longer than they should, and why? Is time being wasted?

The SpencerMetrics Solution

Identify downtime activities that steal production time and undermine production efficiency

Reduce time spent on non-revenue downtime; utilize that time to generate more sellable output

Get the real data – use the best tool

What is SpencerMetrics?

–A tool that intelligently monitors asset utilization and enables increased productivity

  • Collect and analyze real shop floor data, replace guess work and anecdotal production data
  • Identify bottlenecks and excessive downtime in the press workflow
  • Centralized management tracks any press anywhere in your network with zero IT support
  • Compare workflow periods and shifts, individual presses, press groups and benchmarks
  • Lean Six Sigma concepts support efficient print operations
  • Cloud-based architecture and on-demand analysis – anywhere, anytime
  • Intuitive Dashboards with comprehensive graphical display of analyses
  • Improve productivity of your most expensive asset – flexible data analysis at your fingertips
  • Detailed shop-floor data – low impact touch-screen data entry
  • On-demand graphical analysis of production data – anytime, anywhere
  • Cloud-based implementation; Zero IT setup; secure Management portals
  • Real-time, system-wide data – all your presses, all your sites
  • Compare presses, shifts, time periods, etc. – even multi-site press groups
  • Unlimited data storage and database management

Identify Opportunities
Press support takes time, but do any of your activities take longer than they should? Identify wasted time, bottlenecks and obstacles; Gain insight into key areas of opportunity. Utilize knowledge only your operators can provide through efficient shop floor data collection. The unique SpencerMetrics system offers hard data, and the intelligence you need to minimize downtime activities, reducing cost or leaving more time for revenue & profit generation – increased Productivity.

Continuing Improvement
The SpencerMetrics tool automatically adapts to changing workflows providing a continuing assessment of production operations. Centralized management is enabled through analytical feedback, available whenever and wherever desired – anytime, anywhere with any browser. SpencerMetrics continues to monitor changes and improvements, identifying trends, enabling comparisons with history and statistical benchmarks – opportunities for further utilization enhancement.

Productivity Increases Profits

Save Costs or

Increase Revenue

Ease-of-Use – “Our goal was to eliminate as much anecdotal production data as possible – get real numbers, but they had to be in a format that was easy to interpret and use,” noted the President & CEO of Copy General. Implemented as a cloud-based SaaS tool with simple touch-screen data capture at each press, SpencerMetrics provides real-time analysis of metrics and graphical dashboard displays. It features zero impact on your IT resources; unlimited data storage for each press; and interactive analysis portals on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Productivity Intelligence

The patent-pending SpencerMetrics system performs an assessment of print system performance from the operational perspective at your print shop.

  • Your Organization: Our experts invest time to understand your organization’s unique shop operation; SpencerMetrics is then configured to correspond with your relevant press-related and non-press-related printing activities, without impacting your current IT resources
  • Installation: SpencerMetrics can be fully operational within hours. Your staff is quickly trained in our proprietary, semiautomatic data acquisition methodology and implementation – operating from the cloud in a customized iPad® mini supplied for each press; support continues as our experts audit your data and provide feedback to assure proper utilization
  • Real-Time Data: Press operators simply note the start of each activity by category – Quality Control, Maintenance, Repair, Service, Consumable, etc. – through a simple graphic touchscreen (times and durations are automatic); data is immediately stored in secure cloud-based servers for analysis
  • Data Analysis: On real-time request from a Management Portal, SpencerMetrics proprietary algorithms analyze the raw data, compute operational metrics, and immediately produce elegant dashboards
  • Results: Quantitative results are presented in easy-to-understand graphics with summary tables – on any browser, where they can be viewed, saved, printed, etc.; immediate response times provide the opportunity for interactive exploration of results anytime, anywhere

SaaS or Full Solution – The SpencerMetrics solution may be deployed quickly with real time metrics immediately available. The tool may be provided as an ongoing cloud-based Service (SaaS) or within a Full Solution consult.

SaaS: SpencerMetrics monitors and analyzes print shop productivity for continuous improvement. Its Measure–Analyze–Improve strategy continuously benchmarks press performance, highlights utilization inefficiencies, and offers insights into production operations to identify opportunities to improve Productivity

Full Program: As a premier consultancy to the printing industry, SpencerLab, deploys SpencerMetrics for a limited period to benchmark your press production, sharing its expertise to identify and improve problem areas. Continuing deployment of SpencerMetrics monitors your press productivity improvements.

Consulting: SpencerLab expertise is also available as a resource to optimize color management, to provide comparative information on system enhancements, etc.

Calculate Your Savings!

Each 1% improvement in Productivity can provide additional annual Revenue of $60,000

– For two 8-hour shifts @100ppm, 250 days a year, at 25¢ per print