SpencerMetrics Announces its Ruby Partnership with Dscoop EMEA

Melville, NY, 6 June 2017 – SpencerMetrics LLC, creator of the most powerful shop-floor data collection system, SpencerMetrics CONNECT, is pleased to announce that they will be in Europe as a Ruby Partner for the Dscoop EMEA 6 Conference in Lyon, France June 7-9, 2017.

Dscoop EMEA 6 is one of the largest gatherings of technology users in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. The theme of this year’s event is “A Taste of Innovation”. It aims to provide a unique solution and application showcase that can help industry leaders discover the best solution partners in the world. The event will offer valuable workshops and educational sessions that strive to help businesses grow and succeed in a constantly evolving industry.

Earlier this year in March, SpencerMetrics showcased the CONNECT system at Dscoop Phoenix. The CONNECT system will again be on display in Lyon, at the Ruby Partner booth #4.

More than just an MIS system, CONNECT is a production analytics tool that automatically gathers data from HP and other digital presses. It then merges the data with pressroom activity information via a simple-to-use touch screen dashboard instantly documenting operations productivity. With automatic, real-time data capture compatible with multiple vendors, powerful cloud-based analytics support from one to hundreds of presses and smart finishing equipment in one or multiple production facilities. CONNECT offers the ability to access your secure portal anytime, anywhere, and with any browser, providing key insight into production history. Your staff is thoroughly trained by digital production specialists, and the system is employed and fully operational in a matter of days. Learn how to improve pressroom productivity by decreasing downtime and eliminating time-consuming waste factors to increase profitability.

If you are unable to attend Dscoop EMEA 6, contact SpencerMetrics at press@spencer.com for further information and to schedule a demonstration via the Internet.