SpencerMetrics Appoints Yutak Kwok to Information Technology Manager

Melville, NY – 1 July 2015 – SpencerMetrics LLC is pleased to announce the appointment of Yutak Kwok to the position of Information Technology Manager, effective immediately. This assignment recognizes Yutak’s significantly increased contributions to SpencerMetrics as well as to the Spencer Associates Group. SpencerMetrics LLC provides press management systems that reduce cost and provide more usable prints per shift.

Approaching his eighth anniversary with the Spencer Associates Group, we applaud Yutak as he has recently earned a Masters of Science in Information Systems. In addition to his ten years’ experience in the printing/imaging industry and an A+ Certification. Yutak holds a Bachelor of Science in Imaging and Photographic Technology from the Rochester Institute of Technology as well.

“An integral part of the SpencerMetrics team, Yutak continues to make significant contributions to its success.” David R. Spencer, CEO, added, “He accepts each challenge with fervor and appears to easily manage the ever-changing world of technology.”

The patent-pending SpencerMetrics system capture real-time shop floor data and provides analysis for production printing press management. It provides press owners and managers with actionable information leading improved productivity, lower costs, and a higher number of prints per shift.

SpencerMetrics offers an immediate view into the inefficiencies of digital press operations as they are actually in use. Its scalable architecture is applicable to shops with one or hundreds of presses. Designed to work with all brands and models of printing presses and finishing equipment, its cloud-based architecture enables central management of multi-plant, even international operations. SpencerMetrics provides productivity intelligence.