SpencerLab Announces Winner of its Dscoop8 iPad Giveaway

Melville, NY – 8 March 2013 – The SpencerLab Digital Color laboratory, a division of Spencer & Associates Publishing, LTD. specializing in the testing and analysis of digital color imaging and printing products Happily announces that Craig Hath of Zuza Marketing Asset Management in Carlsbad, CA was the winner of SpencerLab’s “Dscoop8 iPad mini Giveaway”.

Craig is the “Port Master” at Zuza and visited the SpencerLab booth during the Dscoop8 Solutions Showcase held February 21-23, in Nashville, TN. Along with attendees from across the globe – North and South America, Europe, and Asia – as far away as New Zealand. Visitors had the opportunity to be among the first to see the newly debuted SpencerMetrics iDPA (improve Digital Press Availability) productivity tool. Visitors were able to speak with the SpencerLab team, and to see firsthand the revenue increase possible with the use of the iDPA software. While at the booth, visitors had the opportunity to register in the iPad mini Giveaway. The random drawing was held at the SpencerLab Digital Color laboratory Headquarters in Melville, NY shortly after the Showcase closed.

Traffic at the SpencerLab booth was continuous. Understanding the potential additional revenue the SpencerMetrics iDPA productivity tool could provide elicited many a “Wow” in response. Press owners and managers also complimented the elegant simplicity of the system. Many suggested additional ways in which the product could be valuable. With real-time measurement of shop floor productivity and anytime, anywhere analysis, improvement becomes intuitive – along with additional income. With the SpencerMetrics iDPA, print shop providers have the tool to Measure-Analyze-Improve their shop and press productivity.

As a reminder, the special Dscoop8 show introductory pricing expires on March 31, 2013. Contact spencermetrics@spencer.com to start on your course to Measure-Analyze-Improve.