SpencerLab joins Xeikon Aura Partner Network

Melville, NY, 16 May 2013 – SpencerLab Digital Color laboratory, the internationally recognized leader in unbiased, third-party research and testing of digital imaging and printing system performance, announced its participation in the Xeikon Aura Partner Network.

Expanding its integration with the digital press community. The partnership of SpencerLab and Xeikon provides Xeikon users access to exclusive benefits on SpencerLab tools and services. Benefits including the recently announced SpencerMetrics iDPA software productivity tool.

The Xeikon Aura Partner Network is designed to bring together information about Xeikon partners and their integrated products into a centralized location.


It is based upon non-exclusive relationships with industry-leading partners. Collaborating in the key areas of software, consumables and tools, print media, and equipment. Goals of the Aura Partner Network are to provide a transparent overview on all tested and approved solutions integrated by Xeikon and its industry partners. In addition, providing Xeikon customers open accessibility to the services they require.

With 25 years in the digital printing industry, SpencerLab has built strong, long-term relationships with printer manufacturers, press shop owners, paper mills, and toner and ink suppliers. “The partnership with Xeikon enables us to respond to the Xeikon customer’s specific needs and requirements”, said Catherine Fiasconaro, SpencerLab Vice President of Operations. “In addition to software and test tools, our diverse experience allows us to offer comprehensive analyses and custom solutions to the press community.”

Among the available SpencerLab products, SpencerMetrics iDPA is a patent-pending system to improve Digital Press Availability. Based on the productivity of digital presses as they are used on the print shop floor. With real-time analysis of the additional data available to the press manager. Improved productivity can be realized by operators, better press performance by managers, and increased profit and revenue by owners, all without any increase in resources.

SpencerLab is a Xeikon Aura Software Partner, for Xeikon’s Labels & Packaging and Document & Commercial Printing segments. See Xeikon Aura under Program Partners at www.spencerlab.com/testing/productivity/.