SpencerMetrics Celebrates Eight Great Years of Data-Driven Productivity

Melville, NY – 20 September 2021 – SpencerMetrics is celebrating eight years of servicing the print, labels, and packaging industry. Its state-of-the-art data-driven productivity solutions add value to any shop floor and support operations to continuously improve workflows.

Since its inception in 2013, SpencerMetrics has designed three automatic data collection and analysis solutions. Its patented CONNECT® solution is known for its advanced, targeted, on-demand analytics and connection to any digital printing or finishing machines. It is also noted for its ability to collect accurate shop floor data while enhancing the operator experience. After years of running in live production with customer feedback, it launched AUTOMATER in 2018. This IIoT-based solution allows the smart technology from CONNECT to be utilized by any non-digital, conventional equipment throughout print and packaging shop floors. It was a huge breakthrough for many operations that wanted to incorporate their entire production fleet under one simple-to-use system, or for those who continue to run legacy equipment.

In early 2020, SpencerMetrics added LYNK to its product offerings, an exceptional solution for print and packaging shops that may be just starting out with automated data collection. Without needing operator intervention, it collects and analyzes essential production metrics that are necessary to make positive, impactful, and sustainable cost-saving improvements. The simplicity of these platforms permits its users to not feel overwhelmed by excessive data, but be able to make informed decisions and improvements.

All of the data-driven solutions provided by SpencerMetrics help to eliminate tedious, error-prone manual processes in order to streamline production, saving valuable time and resources. SpencerMetrics customers realize that when their company has access to accurate data and timely, ease-to-use analytics, they can drive productivity and growth upward – rather than simply observing operations and reflecting upon performance. That’s why SpencerMetrics has transformed print and packaging firms around the globe and is the go-to productivity solution.

Over the years, SpencerMetrics has received various awards for its intelligent software including a Must See ‘Ems product and technology recognition and a Red Hot Technology award, among others. SpencerMetrics continues to evolve its existing products, developing exciting new features that will benefit new and current users.

To learn more about SpencerMetrics data-driven productivity solutions visit our website, or contact us to get started.