New Feature To Uncover The Most Profitable Jobs

Melville, NY – 16 June 2021 – SpencerMetrics has announced JobHub, its latest feature addition to both its LYNK and CONNECT productivity solutions. JobHub automatically creates a repository of all jobs run across the production floor on all connected machines, regardless of vendor or technology. These may include printers/presses, finishers/converters, inserters, mailing machines, packaging machines, etc.

Leveraging data collected from the production floor, JobHub creates a map that tracks each job through its production steps. As each job is processed through its production workflow, such as through printing, cutting, binding, etc., the JobHub map shows how much time and resources were needed in each cost center. JobHub automatically shows the actual run time on each machine, and also calculates any time in processing or waiting/delay between them. It also provides insight into how well each job profile is suited for specific equipment types, valuable information to improve profit margins.

While CONNECT and LYNK automatically collect job details (such as start and end time, ink/consumable usage, media type, counts and more) JobHub fulfills the need to understand the true cost of producing jobs through the entire production line. This helps management determine each job’s profitability and how well job cost estimates meet real world expenditures – a key factor in balancing price and costs.

Whether it is a photobook of a certain size and binding type, a direct mail piece with specific fold requirements, a label with particular die-cut specifications, or a transactional communication with inserting requirements, JobHub can trace the time for job completion and, importantly, analyze bottlenecks in the workflow. This capability pinpoints where a job may be spending too much time or experiencing unnecessary delays, and can provide management with an understanding of where and what can be done to improve job flow, cycle time, quality, and waste minimization.

“While cost reduction and productivity improvement benefits of our solutions deliver a strong ROI, we want to add further value by aligning our solutions with the evolving needs of our users,” said Vishal Sahay, SpencerMetrics Executive Vice President. “JobHub shows management which jobs best suit their operations, and identify the most profitable ones to drive their marketing toward a more cost-effective job mix.”

About SpencerMetrics LLC

SpencerMetrics is dedicated to serving their customer’s needs in modern production printing through innovative software solutions and services. They do so by providing intelligent solutions that include accurate machine data collection, monitoring, and analysis from digital and analog printing, packaging and finishing equipment. With the patented CONNECT and “lights-out” LYNK systems that are vendor-neutral; SpencerMetrics collects accurate machine data, as well as shop floor information, provides analysis in real-time, and presents detailed reports via a cloud-based dashboard. This allows SpencerMetrics users to make data-driven decisions to increase efficiency and optimize their capital utilization. SpencerMetrics solutions are designed for ease-of-use, and provide the data transparency needed for shop managers and owners to better maximize their return-on-investment by balancing machines, labor, and overhead.

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