SpencerMetrics Unveils New Logo Reflecting its Vision in Data-Driven Productivity

SpencerMetrics Logo

Melville, NY, 24 May 2021 – SpencerMetrics rolled out a fresh new look with a sleek and modern logo design at the recent Virtual Dscoop Edge Fusion Event. The rebranding is in full effect on their website, social media platforms, and marketing materials. The decision to rebrand SpencerMetrics came from a desire to better align the company’s representation with its technology-leading products and its vision of the Print Factory 4.0.

The Design

The overall design of the new logo evokes a feeling of simplicity with clean font and lines. SpencerMetrics prides itself on its simple-to-use software solutions for data-driven productivity for any size printing company. The round graphic on the left, connected through the font, is slightly reminiscent of a machined key and can be considered a key to productivity. 

The font itself, Montserrat, while delicate, has a low center of gravity, reflecting stability. The circle-shaped region in the left of the logo forms an abstract “S” that encases an “M” to represent the initials of SpencerMetrics and can be used as a standalone symbol for the company. The vertical bars that form the “M” represent both improvement in their upwards steps, as well as the variety of measurements that SpencerMetrics CONNECT and LYNK collect, monitor, and analyze for their users. 

The colors within the logo include green, which is universally recognized as the “go ahead”, a positive sign, an indication that all things are good, and it is time for taking action. In the U.S., green is also associated with money; SpencerMetrics’ end goal is to provide actionable data in order for its users to improve their bottom-line, their profits. The melon color of the center vertical bar, a mixture of orange and yellow, have been thought to express success, optimism, enthusiasm, and balance, all characteristics that customers will experience when working with SpencerMetrics products and their support team. Cyan, reserved for the highest bar, typically evokes stability and reliability, both of which are demonstrated in the service that SpencerMetrics provides through its solutions and support. The dark gray and light gray, representing timelessness and calm, are used throughout in order to allow the colors to take center stage. 

The new tagline, “Data-Driven Productivity”, embodies the company’s mission of providing each customer with timely, accurate data—necessary to empower informed decisions that increase productivity. 

Company Perspective

CEO and President David Spencer noted, “The new branding reflects who we are—a modern technology company. Customers can expect nothing less than the extraordinary service and cutting-edge technology that SpencerMetrics has been providing since its inception in 2013. We’re looking forward to continuing to enable great results for our customers and to create new partnerships while continuing to invest in new product development and enhancement. Our new logo is emblematic of the very best of who we are as a company, committed to providing software solutions that provide the data and key drivers to positive outcomes for our customers and the markets we serve.”

Vishal Sahay, Executive Vice President, agrees, “Our products leverage machine data, cloud-based software, and analytics, with real-time reporting through dashboards that can be viewed remotely. This enables data-driven decisions for process improvement, decreased downtime, and increased overall organizational efficiency even in shops and companies that use a variety of printer makes and models, including non-digital presses, and a variety of finishing equipment.”

To learn more about how real-time data-driven analytics can make your business more productive, please contact us or visit www.spencermetrics.com.

About SpencerMetrics LLC

Dedicated to serving user needs in modern production printing through innovative software solutions and services, SpencerMetrics provides intelligent solutions for data collection, monitoring, and analysis of both digital and analog printing, packaging and finishing equipment. The patented CONNECT and “lights-out” LYNK system are multi-vendor platforms that collect accurate machine data, both digital and analog, as well as shop floor information, analyze it in real-time, and present detailed and robust reports. This allows our users to make data-driven decisions that increase efficiency and optimize their capital utilization. The vendor-neutral solutions are designed for ease of use, for employee satisfaction, and so that shop managers and owners can better manage their investments in machines, labor, and overhead to maximize their investment return.