LYNK – A Smart Solution for Multi-Vendor Equipment

Melville, NY – 4 December 2020 – SpencerMetrics® announced the latest addition to their automatic data collection portfolio, LYNK. An economical, user-friendly, no-hands solution to simplify data collection and monitor operation, LYNK joins the industry leading CONNECT® solution and AUTOMATER.

Following extensive market research and discussions with leaders in the print and packaging industry, the SpencerMetrics team found that companies and staff still face a major obstacle – recognized or not – collecting and converting accurate equipment data into operational information in a timely, low-cost manner. The Fourth Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0, the Smart Factory, has quickly produced a data-driven community. However, without automation there is not enough time, resources, or human labor to collect and make sense of it all. A surplus of data can cause workers to become overwhelmed with just how much information is available to them at the touch of their fingertips. Spurred by the waste of opportunities of under-utilized data, the LYNK solution was created to automatically provide real-time insight.

“LYNK’s unique solution is designed to be simple to install and simple to use – yet powerful enough to support lights-out operations,” noted Vishal Sahay, Executive Vice President. It eliminates tedious, manual, error-prone interactions, saving valuable time and effort. LYNK collects the basic, essential data and provides metrics to make positive, impacting, and sustainable cost-saving improvements to any operation, anywhere in the workflow. LYNK supports multi-vendor digital and conventional printing, packaging, finishing, converting, mailing and related equipment.

SpencerMetrics LYNK has proven especially beneficial during the pandemic pivot, with businesses shifting to remote operations as the new normal. The solution uses a cloud-based architecture, allowing for multi-location access, remote monitoring anytime, anywhere, and seamless software updates. With its remote capabilities, LYNK provides management with real-time operational visibility. Like the flagship CONNECT offering, LYNK is an easy-to-use solution that works with AUTOMATER to monitor multiple models and technologies, thereby enabling an entire shop’s equipment to be connected under a universal platform.

With the ability to view all equipment at a glance on a single overview dashboard, via mobile phone, tablet, or computer, the user can perform a deeper dive into LYNK analytics – through easy-to-read graphics that provide management an uncomplicated tool to guide their decision-making process. The LYNK Analytics Dashboard includes all of the essential metrics and KPIs, such as uptime, downtime, utilization, speed, count, and more, needed to make informed decisions to improve workflow and reduce operational costs.

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About SpencerMetrics LLC

Dedicated to serving user needs in production print and packaging factories through innovative software solutions and services, SpencerMetrics provides automated data capture, monitoring, and analysis for operational insight and cost reduction through the patented CONNECT system and AUTOMATER, as well as the newly released LYNK solution.

SpencerMetrics LLC was previously part of SpencerLab, a division of Spencer & Associates Publishing Ltd. Since 1989, SpencerLab independent testing has earned an international reputation for expertise in benchmarking color print quality, consumable yield/cost-per-print, reliability, usability, as well as productivity for a wide variety of printing technologies. SpencerLab also provides focus group management, benchmark test software/hardware, and custom consulting.