Availability & Actual Production Digital Press Study

Melville, NY – 1 February 2012- The SpencerLab Digital Color laboratory announced the release of a white paper summarizing the results of a benchmarking study of Availability and Actual Production time. The white paper is available by free download from the SpencerLab web site, http:// www.spencerlab.com/.

SpencerLab methodology, previously utilized for testing of high-end digital presses, was adapted to measure Availability and Actual Production of high-production class devices. The ability of the methodology to be employed over multiple volume and speed class devices in the commercial print validates the robustness of SpencerLab’s methodology.

This latest round of testing included the Xerox Color 800 Digital Press, the Konica Minolta bizhub PRESS C8000, and the Ricoh Pro C901 Graphic Arts Edition. Study results showed that the Xerox Color 800 achieved the highest machine availability of the evaluated devices. “While the recapture lost potential availability, such a study can also be beneficial in helping to identify opportunities for improvement within a press shop”, said Catherine Fiasconaro, Vice President of Operations and Director of SpencerLab. “Commercial print shop owners or operators could benefit from such a study wherein we can identify areas to recapture lost Potential production time. They can in turn run a more lean and efficient service, leading to higher profitability.”