SpencerMetrics CONNECT Now Includes Production Goals

Melville, NY, 1 March 2017 – SpencerMetrics LLC, the leading provider of real-time, multi-vendor Press Management systems, has announced a goal-setting update to the SpencerMetrics CONNECT system. Users now have the ability to set production targets and track actual print volume against those targets. A Key Performance Indicator in the planning and success of any business, production goals have a direct impact on business profitability and competitiveness.

Production goals are one of the toughest business systems to get just right. SpencerMetrics, with the free addition of the CONNECT Production Target module, has simplified the setting of benchmark goals and monitoring production progress. Managers can now easily set a production goal for each of their connected devices and the system will automatically track their progress in real-time.

The CONNECT system monitors both good and waste prints, thus providing an informed calculation of the number of acceptable, sellable pages produced in relation to the set production target. This data can be provided to the shop estimator for verification of estimation assumptions and for improvement on those estimates that turn out to need adjustment. CONNECT helps users in setting goals, monitoring progress, and in being aware of actual productivity versus budgeted productivity.

Production Target users will also be able to examine their historical production performance. The user can select any desired time-period during which they had the system operational. This allows for evaluation of factors such as seasonal workload trends, the impact of equipment changes, personnel factors, and more.

The Production Target update will be featured at the Dscoop conference being held in Phoenix, Arizona, March 1-4, 2017. Attendees are invited to experience real-time demonstrations of the CONNECT system at booth #1224, where SpencerMetrics is proud to be a returning Bronze Partner.

For those unable to attend Dscoop Phoenix, contact SpencerMetrics at press@spencer.com for further information and to schedule a demonstration via the internet.