SpencerMetrics iDPA CONNECT & Kodak NexPress

Melville, NY, 9 September 2013 – The SpencerLab Digital Color laboratory is pleased to announce the future of productivity intelligence with SpencerMetrics iDPATM connect. Currently under development, SpencerMetrics iDPA connect offers all the rewards of iDPA Plus and the benefits of an integrated productivity tool. SpencerLab is pleased to announce Kodak as the first iDPA connect partner with Kodak NexPress Digital Production Color Presses.

SpencerMetrics iDPA systems have shown the significant benefits of collecting and integrating operator knowledge with data from the press. iDPA connect adds the ability to capture press data via automated data entry of the press’ processes, such as maintenance, paper changes, idle time, etc. The data is collected, integrated, and intelligently analyzed. Showing press diagnostic features as relevant to actual productivity, while still allowing management to compare multiple presses, multiple shifts, and workflow periods easily.

iDPA connect, an optional module to iDPA Plus, will become available as each press type is integrated, thereby working optimally with each individual press’ system capabilities.

SpencerMetrics iDPA, iDPA Plus, and the future iDPA connect are designed to aid press owners in pinpointing opportunities to increase productivity by analyzing press operation and operator knowledge on the shop floor. A cloud-based system, the data is rapidly analyzed on demand and results are easily accessible – available anytime, anywhere. Viewable on a laptop, a tablet, or even a smartphone, in an intuitive graphical format providing an overview of all press activities. Data includes press performance, pre-press errors, media problems, etc. These data points work in conjunction with human assessments such as unacceptable print quality or incorrect media usage and much more.

The SpencerMetrics iDPA team is at PRINT 13, Booth #4741, offering demonstrations of the system and other SpencerLab products and services. The SpencerMetrics iDPA Plus system is available with special PRINT 13 discounts.

For further details, please contact spencermetrics@spencer.com.