SpencerMetrics Vantage Taking Productivity Intelligence to the Next Level

Melville, NY, 6 May 2014 – The SpencerLab Digital Color laboratory is pleased to announce the next advancement in Productivity Intelligence with SpencerMetrics Vantage. This latest module provides real-time comparative analysis of groups of presses with on-demand customized group creation and side-by-side comparison. SpencerMetrics Vantage is included within version 4.0, and is immediately available.

Adding immense value to an already powerful productivity tool. Vantage reduces the geographical and technological barriers that may occur within multi-press and multi-location organizations. Accomplished by on-demand grouping of multiple presses of any make, model, technology, or locale. Aggregated group data for any time-period may be compared with any other group – or with a single press.

Many print shops have a mix of presses from various manufacturers and models, color or monochrome, sheet or web-fed, or laser, inkjet, digital or offset/DI. Moreover, these presses may be located in different plant sites – New York, Texas, Washington or even France, Japan, or Brazil – thanks to cloud-based architecture, geography is no longer a barrier. Shops can now perform up-to-the-minute group comparative analyses with the acclaimed SpencerMetrics analytic engine and dashboard.

Vantage gives the press shop owner or manager the adVantage of analyzing data how they need it, when they need it. Whether the comparison is performed to identify performance outliers or productivity bottlenecks, establish best practices for continuous improvement, manage operations, or evaluate investment options. The ability to compare independent and unique aspects associated with printing operations is very powerful. Adding another dimension of cost reduction and return on investment. SpencerMetrics Vantage offers tremendous value to all users and is accessed through the simple-but-powerful SpencerMetrics user-interface.

With the SpencerMetrics Vantage feature, users can:

  • compare the performance of one press model to an average performance of all presses of the same model
  • compare all their presses from one manufacturer to all presses of another manufacturer
  • compare performance of one plant site to another
  • and much more…

This dynamic module, offering real-time analysis of group data is now available within the SpencerMetrics line of integrated productivity tools.

To learn how to add Vantage to your press system, or for information on SpencerMetrics, please contact spencermetrics@spencer.com.