SpencerMetrics CONNECT Available For FREE Usage Until July 1, 2020

 Melville, NY – 31 March 2020 — SpencerMetrics, the provider of CONNECT automatic production tracking and analytics systems, has announced access and usage to the system until July 1, 2020 at no cost in order to alleviate some of the challenges businesses may be experiencing during this time of crisis. With automatic data collection and real-time remote monitoring, CONNECT technology can provide production insight and highlight labor as well as machine issues, a crucial tool – especially essential while having production management responsibilities from home. 

Along with AUTOMATER™, CONNECT can help automate data collection from any device, multi-vendor Digital or Analog; monitor and track production in real-time; provide vendor-neutral analysis of production data with metrics and KPIs and much more – anytime, anywhere, from any device. 

All current users of the system can expand their CONNECT platform to additional supported devices in any location. New users interested in this offer have the opportunity to install and use the platform for managing any and all supported production devices. All setup, service, and support fees associated with the usage of CONNECT system will be waived until July 1, 2020. Act now and experience the full benefits for up to three full months! 

 Users will have no obligation to continue using the system beyond the offer term. With all of the SpencerMetrics staff working remotely, users will receive virtual support to guide and train them along the way to keep track of their manufacturing operations. 

Want to learn more about CONNECT before getting started? 

SpencerMetrics is hosting two webinars to demo the system, to show how CONNECT automates real-time data collection and analytics, and facilitates remote production management with visibility, alerts, and more. Join SpencerMetrics on Friday, April 3rd at 2 pm EDT, or on Wednesday, April 8th at 11 am EDT to learn more. Visit www.spencermetrics.com to reserve your virtual seat today! 

SpencerMetrics is here to serve and support our industry colleagues and customers in any way possible. We encourage everyone to put their and their employees’ health and safety first above all else throughout the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Vishal Sahay, EVP SpencerMetrics. “We have the technology to help you maintain safe distance between production and non-production staff still enabling them to work as a team, to collaborate, to keep your business running. If our technology can help you during these times, we are here to support you.” Vishal added. 

To get started or schedule a one-on-one demo, please email: spencermetrics@spencer.com 

Hardware for Shop Floor data and the AUTOMATER will be available at discount. This offer is limited to new device connections. SpencerMetrics reserves the right to consider offer eligibility. 

About SpencerMetrics LLC 

Dedicated to serving user needs in modern production printing through innovative software solutions and services, SpencerMetrics provides automated data capture, monitoring, and analysis for operational insight and cost reduction through the patented CONNECT system. 

CONNECT automatically captures and analyzes multi-vendor equipment and accurate shop floor data. AUTOMATER brings legacy conventional presses, finishing and mailing equipment into the solution. The focus on people and process enables immediate visibility into operations, while its cloud-based architecture enables sharing of resources and best practices across geographies. Analytics track production metrics and KPIs for continuous improvement, reduce downtime waste with Lean Six Sigma, improve asset utilization, and maximize productivity to lower costs. 

SpencerMetrics LLC was previously part of SpencerLab, a division of Spencer & Associates Publishing, Ltd. Since 1989, SpencerLab independent testing has earned an international reputation for expertise in benchmarking color print quality, consumable yield/cost-per-print, reliability, usability, as well as productivity for a wide variety of printing technologies. SpencerLab also provides focus group management, benchmark test software/hardware, and custom consulting.