Merlin Printing Optimizes Web-Offset With AUTOMATER and CONNECT


Melville, NY – 12 September 2019 –– Merlin Printing Inc. has added a SpencerMetrics CONNECT system with AUTOMATER to track and monitor its pressroom operations. Merlin’s print production fleet includes conventional Heidelberg web offset presses as well as digital production printers.

Merlin Printing offers a comprehensive set of marketing solutions including design, print production, and mailing to customers throughout the East Coast. SpencerMetrics LLC provides data collection and analytic solutions that improve operational insight and enable cost reductions while maintaining high quality. 

 The shop was recording data manually with log sheets and Excel since their previous attempts at automated data collection had fallen short. The task was tedious, accuracy was questionable, and real-time information was unavailable. Merlin engaged with SpencerMetrics to use CONNECT with AUTOMATER to automatically collect data from their conventional print production equipment. The patented CONNECT system seamlessly integrates data from equipment and operators for real-time machine and job-level analytics. 

 “We were impressed with the AUTOMATER technology when we first met SpencerMetrics at a PIA event; they not only promised, but delivered fast and reliably,” noted Steven Vid, President, Merlin Printing. “CONNECT is easy to use and is already providing more value than we expected. AUTOMATER really brings our legacy big iron into the new age of production tracking. With real-time visibility we can focus on improving our and our clients’ costs.” 

 The initial goal was to get accurate data for better job costing and production tracking. This goal was met almost immediately, as the system was installed, customized, and fully operational in only a few weeks. CONNECT’s powerful analytic capabilities then gave management immediate visibility into utilization and efficiency metrics of the presses and production teams. Merlin now has capability to compare repeat jobs, track efficiency week-to-week, and understand reasons for differences. 

 “We are excited to see the success of this early AUTOMATER installation and the significant, multifaceted value it is bringing to our customer!” said David Spencer, SpencerMetrics CEO. 

About Merlin Printing Inc.

Merlin Printing Inc. started in March of 1963 with the promise of being a reliable source for printing and publishing. Originally located in Farmingdale, NY, Merlin then specialized in the complete production of weekly newspapers and shoppers. 

Over 50 years and several relocations later they now offer a comprehensive set of marketing solutions including design, print production, and mailing – including business cards, billboards, labels, weekly newspapers and shoppers, etc. Located just minutes from Midtown Manhattan they serve a wide range of customers throughout the East coast. 

About SpencerMetrics LLC

Dedicated to serving user needs in modern production printing through innovative software solutions and services, SpencerMetrics provides automated data capture and analysis for operational insight and cost reduction. 

CONNECT automatically captures and analyzes multi-vendor equipment and accurate shop floor data. AUTOMATER brings legacy conventional presses, finishing and mailing equipment into the solution. The focus on people and process enables immediate visibility into operations, while its cloud-based architecture enables sharing of resources and best practices across geographies. Patented analytics track production metrics and KPIs for continuous improvement, reduce downtime waste with Lean Six Sigma, improve asset utilization, and maximize productivity to lower costs. 

SpencerMetrics LLC was previously part of SpencerLab, a division of Spencer & Associates Publishing, Ltd. Since 1989, SpencerLab independent testing has earned an international reputation for expertise in benchmarking color print quality, consumable yield/cost-per-print, reliability, usability, as well as productivity for a wide variety of printing technologies. SpencerLab also provides focus group management, benchmark test software/hardware, and custom consulting.