Digital Press Availability Study – Xerox iGen4 still most Productive

Melville, NY – 14 August 2013 – The SpencerLab Digital Color Laboratory is pleased to announce the release of its updated Digital Press Availability & Actual Production Study. The results of a fifth commercial press evaluation have been incorporated into a previously released white paper. The report update is available by free download at

With the inclusion of a successful testing of an additional press. Further demonstrates the applicability of SpencerLab’s previously tested methodology, training, and data acquisition process to different press makes, models, and workflows. This unique methodology measures the press time spent generating sellable prints and not just uptime.

“As more and more presses are evaluated using comparable metrics, the results become increasingly valuable. Analysis, supported by quantitative data, provides an opportunity to identify bottlenecks and improve productivity and ROI,” said David Spencer, President/CEO of SpencerLab. “We are pleased to have developed a methodology that measures and analyzes print shop data. This would be beneficial to anyone who is looking to identify areas of opportunity to improve their asset utilization.”