SpencerMetrics Availability & Actual Production Digital Press Study

Melville, NY – 16 October 2012 – The SpencerLab Digital Color Laboratory is pleased to announce the release of its updated Digital Press Availability & Actual Production Study. The results of a fourth commercial press evaluation have been incorporated into the previously released white paper. The report update is available by free download from the SpencerLab website at http://www.spencerlab.com/.

The evaluation and inclusion of this additional commercial press further enhances the earlier released study of these high-production class devices. Additionally, the outcome validates the results of the previously tested devices. Also verifying the robustness of the SpencerLab’s methodology, on-site training, and data acquisition.

“A clearer picture becomes increasingly apparent as additional presses are evaluated on Availability. Each assessment provides further validation of the SpencerLab methodology and the importance of identifying obstacles to productivity,” said Catherine Fiasconaro, Vice President of Operations and Director of SpencerLab.

The initial implementation of availability benchmarking evaluated three commercial presses, the Xerox iGen4, an HP Indigo 5500, and an HP Indigo 7000. The updated white paper, commissioned by Xerox, continued the study with the additional evaluation of an HP Indigo 7500. Among these evaluated commercial presses, the Xerox iGen4 continued to maintain the highest machine availability, notably outperforming the HP Indigo 7500, as well as the HP Indigo 5500 and HP Indigo 7000, as detailed in the white paper.